Microsoft along with many other hardware and software partners have now ceased to support Windows XP. Quicklink has been providing support on playout servers operating on Windows XP since Microsoft ended general support on the April 8, 2014.


Please be advised that Quicklink can now only provide technical support for Windows XP playout servers in a very limited capacity. This will also allow Quicklink to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.


Note: A Windows XP playout server will not be updated above Quicklink Playout Software V8.8


What happens if I continue to use Windows XP?


If you continue to use Windows XP, your playout server will still work but it will be vulnerable to security risks and potential unintended or unanticipated behaviour.


Why is my server vulnerable?


A software exploit takes advantage of a computer system in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behaviour. As Microsoft and other hardware/software partners are not developing patches for Windows XP both the operating system and software vulnerabilities can not be patched. These patches are critical and are required for the playout server to be secure and function correctly.


Note: Quicklink will not be able to meet standard Service Level Agreements.


What do I need to do?


Please contact to discuss a suitable upgrade plan.