Native 1080 bidirectional Skype calls

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QL TX Quad large

The Quicklink TX Quad will allow you to easily manage 4 simultaneous incoming Skype calls to be processed as 4 SDI or NDI outputs in one single unit. A high availability upgrade option is available on this unit.

Product Highlights

  • Manage 4 incoming Skype calls to 4 SDI outputs
  • 4 professional SD/HD SDI input & outputs
  • Supports both I/O for NDI™
  • High Availability Option including Dual Power Supply, Raided drives and SNMP/SMS/email monitoring
  • Near silent running
  • Touch screen ready display with real time status information
  • Skype TX controller software with control console
  • Ultra low delay: For instantaneous 2 way video/audio contributions
  • Video and audio free from adverts
  • Aspect ratio correction method: Scale your SDI input picture to your requested resolution
  • Customisable tally or information graphic overlay back to return caller
  • Talkback: Switch between 3 different audio sources
  • Screen sharing capability
  • Auto-Answer function
  • Embedded SDI audio (16 Channel in hardware)
  • AES balanced audio (additonal hardware required)
  • Remote Management Ethernet Port for bare metal restore
  • Colour Correction and HD Recording Function
  • Free complimentary technical information via the Customer Portal

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High Availability Option


  • Real-time server hardware monitoring
  • Front loading hot swappable Solid State Drive in RAID configuration
  • Swappable dual power supply for redundancy

Real-time server hardware monitoring and alert system

  • The LCD screen displays hardware monitoring information such as temperature, processor load, available disk space, server name, server internal IP, power and RAID state.
  • The Quicklink Server Monitoring software provides hardware statuses and can be configured to email notifications

The Quicklink TX Quad Workflow Applications

The Quicklink TX Quad can be used to both send and receive Skype calls within various workflows depending on your requirements.

Multi Quad diagram v4

Talk shows: Skype users sending to the Quicklink TX

Any Skype client using any video-enabled device can connect and send audio and video to The Quicklink TX. Users simply connect with their regular Skype account.

Remote Studios: The Quicklink TX sending to the Quicklink TX

The Quicklink TX unit can be used to both send and receive audio/video via the SDI or HDMI I/O. This is ideal if you have multiple production sites. By using two Quicklink TX you are able to have studio grade HD/SDI to HD/SDI 2-ways.

Conferences:  The Quicklink TX sending to a Skype client

This will allow you to send a high quality professional stream to a Skype client. The Skype user can view the stream on a laptop or monitor.

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Technical Information

Quicklink TX Quad NDI Quicklink TX Quad Quicklink TX Quad - High Availability
Multiple HD Skype Calls 4 4 4
10-bit SD/HD-SDI Video and SDI Embedded Audio Input/Output 4 4
Analog Audio Input/Output 4* 4*
AES/EBU Audio Input/Output 4* 4*
NDI™ Video over IP Dante/ Livewire+ AES67 Audio over IP Support**
Genlock/Sync Reference Input
High Availability - Redundant hardware, server monitoring and alert system
Hardware Unit Height 2U 2U 2U

* Additional Hardware Required

** Additional Software Required

Subject to change without notice

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· up to 4 incoming calls

· 1 switchable SDI Input/Output


· 4 incoming calls

· 4 SDI Input/Output