The Quicklink Talkback Server

The Quicklink 12-channel Talkback Server plays an integral role in the work flow between the broadcasting studio, anchor, and reporter. It enables the studio to speak live with the field reporter over the IP connection established for the video stream.

A complementary product to the Quicklink Media Manager, this allows MCR’s Main Control Rooms the ability to remotely control the workflow of all field based reporters.


Key Features

  • Fully configurable ports: Ports are fully customisable relating to customer specifications.
  • High quality, low latency streams: The system features adjustable buffer size and audio quality settings which help ensure optimal performance over a variety of low latency IP network connections.
  • Creates 12 channels of Talkback: Creates 12 mono channels of talkback from 12 AES Digital Sources.
  • ‘Many to many’ operation: The QMM gives you a many to many solution allowing you to receive 1 transmission and send out to multiple playout servers or multiple RTSP streams.
  • QMM compatible: The Talkback Server is fully compatible with the Quicklink Media Manager providing the broadcaster and field reporter complete communication and control with media provided.


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