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Quicklink Certified Program

With hundreds of customers across the globe, Quicklink is becoming the standard from the field. We bring true innovation to the portable IP broadcasting solutions market, delivering the highest possible video quality and maximum resiliency.

As a company we want to grow and deliver new and exciting products to thousands of new, potential customers and we need you to help us. Read below and email us for more information.


 The Quicklink Certified Partner Programme

Why Partner with Quicklink?

  • Quicklink provides world leading broadcast media solutions.
  • We deliver the most reliable and cost effective service to your customers.

Why is Quicklink launching its Certified Partner Programme?

  • Our experience has taught us that customers value a joint proposition from Quicklink and its trusted partners to provide a leading technical solution together with in-depth local knowledge.
  • Quicklink is seeking to expand its current partnerships and develop new strategic alliances within a strategic framework that rewards joint investment and success.

Why join the Quicklink Certified Partner Programme?

  • The Quicklink partner programme allows your customers a more integrated proposition, giving them the benefit of Quicklink Solutions together with the added value that you bring.
  • Our quality of service and commitment to ensuring our customers needs are met make us the “easiest provider to do business with”.

 What do we get when we become a Quicklink Certified Partner?

  • Depending on whether you qualify as a Gold, Silver or Bronze partner, you will benefit from a range of technical, marketing and sales and training support tools. These are all tiered to ensure that we can jointly meet your customer requirements and win business.

The Quicklink Certified Partner Programme Tiers

Quicklink Certified Partner (Bronze)

This level is open for:

  • Qualified companies that are ready to test their commercial solution and make it Quicklink ready. This does not require full technical integration and requires a base level of sales engagement with Quicklink.

Quicklink Certified Partner (Silver)

This level is open for:

  • Partners who have undertaken an increased joint sales commitment with Quicklink. Additionally they are fully capable of understanding Quicklink capabilities through training and joint marketing investment.

Quicklink Certified Partner (Gold)

This level is open for:

  • Qualified market leading solution partners with integrated Quicklink capabilities and full Quicklink sales channel engagement.

Become a partner

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