The Military required a solution that enabled them to send recorded media from the field back to the base. Due to the remote location they were hoping to send from, the only viable option was to use a BGAN. As they only have a low data rate to send recorded files it is essential that the file is compressed to enable a fast and efficient transfer with a quality output.

securities military

The key requirements for their solution were:

  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Effective over low data rates
  • Fast and efficient transfer
  • Quality play-out

They required many “in the field” solutions to send recorded video to a single play -out location.


Quicklink Solution

  • S&F LNG software licenses for windows/Mac
  • 1 x 2U play-out server with Live/S&F receive capabilities and RAID SSD
  • Hughes BGAN terminals with airtime to send over a 256Kb connection from the field



The play-out server was installed at the base location to receive all files being sent from the field.

After equipping the media arm of the military in covert field locations with Quicklink laptop software and a BGAN terminal they were able to send recorded files straight to the play-out server. By filming using a camera, editing the files on-site and sending using our S&F software that is 30% more efficient than others, over a BGAN connection they managed to achieve fantastic results. Having the confidence that the clips would arrive on time, which is cost effective due to Quicklink efficiency and with broadcast quality meant that a solution that was previously unavailable to the military due to location and cost is now being used every day.

They are now trialing our advanced sending S&F with File Catalyst to offer a higher compression and even more efficient and cost effective solution.

Solution Diagram

windows Store and forward diagram