Gnosos is an organisation expressing stakeholder opinion in Syria and the Middle East. They provide opinions and news commentary services to news channels and other interested clients. Gnosos reflect stakeholder’s views on what is affecting their homes and livelihood, and aim to project under-heard voices in conflict. One of the key services that Gnosos provides is live TV interviews, which are traditionally done by attending a client’s studio.

Due to the lead times and difficulties of travelling between studios, Gnosos required a solution that would allow for them to partake in TV interviews from within their own offices.



Gnosos required a solution that would allow them to participate in live TV interviews at short notice, eliminating the lead time of travelling between studios. It was an important requirement that the solution that was chosen for the workflow was high-quality and low delay.

It was also important to Gnosos that the solution allowed for use of a professional camera, allowing for better shots and responsiveness to lighting.



After experimenting with a number of different solutions without success in achieving a reliable connection and high quality image, Gnosos turned to the Quicklink TX.

The Quicklink TX is connected to a high-speed fibre internet connection and an SDI/HDMI port on the rear of the Quicklink TX enables an input from a professional camera. A green screen is used alongside vMix Live Production software to apply relevant backdrops during interviews.



Ammar Waqqaf, Managing Director of Gnosos explained: “After recently upgraded to full HD 1080p, viewers are not able to readily differentiate our feed from that of a proper studio. We have been able to achieve interview lead times of 15 minutes, which is vital when covering breaking news.”

Since implementing the Quicklink TX into their workflow, Gnosos have been able to create live TV interviews remotely with RT International, RT Arabic, Aljazeera Arabic, Sky News, Sky News Arabia, BBC Arabic and Alghad TV among various others. This has allowed for breaking stories such as terrorist attacks, state visits from world leaders, significant military developments, press conferences and U.N. Security Council meetings other unscheduled events to be covered almost instantaneously.

The Quicklink TX is currently being further assessed by Gnosos who are already considering using the Quicklink TX solution in other locations once their operations have expanded.


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