tx boxes shipped

The Quicklink TX ships to customers

The first batches of Quicklink TX, a 19-inch 1U rack mounted hardware solution that converts Skype calls into a professional-quality video/audio signal have shipped this week. The Quicklink TX features the latest Skype TX software from Microsoft. The SD/HD SDI input and output with embedded audio allows professional broadcasters to connect seamlessly to over 300 million monthly connected skype users through a single, integrated production grade system.

 “The Quicklink TX is offers an improved user experience when using Skype video and audio in the broadcast environment” says Richard Rees Managing Director of Quicklink. “Broadcasters now have the greater control and management over both the video or audio quality with great features such as tally light Integration and the removal of pop up notifications.”

Quicklink have also partnered with Audinate to integrate Dante into the Microsoft Skype TX solution enabling optimal communication between Dante enabled devices and the Quicklink TX.

Overall the solution has been designed with the professional broadcaster in mind. If line quality becomes unacceptable for transmitting live video, the unit fall backs to a still image while still maintaining the audio call quality. The operator can also preview a call and monitor the performance on multiple videos. Customer Service Engineer for the Quicklink TX, David Sims explains

“The fact that you can now control multiple instances of simultaneous video calls all in auto 16:9 ratio makes both the engineer’s and broadcaster’s life so much easier.”

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