Now is the time to move to BGAN HDR

The Inmarsat BGAN HDR service is now fully operational and broadcasters are proving in practice that it meets their needs as a versatile, high-quality streaming solution. Why not join the expanding broadcasting community and combine the BGAN HDR terminals and Inmarsat service with Quicklink technology?

The Quicklink encoders consist of the Quicklink Backpack, Mac or Windows Live or 3008 Encoder to create a powerful live broadcasting solution for your news gathering.

Using Quicklink with the Inmarsat HDR service

The Quicklink Merlin Backpack Encoder and other Quicklink products have been assigned a unique algorithm that allow users to easily bond two BGAN HDR terminals (Explorer 710), essentially ensuring users transmit in excess of 1Mbps. Users can also use the Quicklink Merlin backpack to  bond 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Internet and Ethernet to gain additional bandwidth and resilience.

Richard Rees CEO of Quicklink comments on the technological progress,

“This further elevates Quicklink as an IP Video Solutions company that constantly delivers quality, cost effective future proofing technology that is customised for the broadcast industry.”

Using the Cobham SATCOM 710 Terminal
The BGAN terminal is the first to take advantage of Inmarsat’s new streaming service (High Data Rate). The Explorer 710 delivers high-speed, ultra-portable satellite streaming for broadcasting and other IP-based industry applications. Combining Quicklink with the terminal will enable users a light, compact, tough and incredibly reliable solution. This also opens more possibilities for connecting devices and offering more flexibility. It is ultra-portable, enabling fast setup within minutes of arriving on scene.

Broadcasters have started using it
According to Inmarsat we are already seeing new types of programmes being broadcast thanks to the Inmarsat BGAN HDR.

“Leading international broadcasters have taken advantage of the new service to provide content for entertainment programmes because of the superior picture quality it enables — and in one case BGAN HDR was used for an entire programme.” explains Martin Turner, Director of Media Business at Inmarsat.

Try before you buy

With the combination of Quicklink’s unique bonding algorithm, and Inmarsat’s BGAN HDR’s speed and value for money, there really is no better time to start using this combined package.

Contact Quicklink today where we can tailor the solution specifically to your needs and organise a demonstration for your company.