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New update to Quicklink Windows Live Software

Quicklink’s recent update to its ever so popular Windows Live software (Version 7.1) has resulted in interruptible foldback (IFB) being compatible with the asymmetric services available on the Thuraya satellite network.

Thuraya is the mobile satellite industry innovator of the asymmetric service. Thuraya’s IP and IP+ offer terminals offer asymmetric streaming services which enable users to have numerous uplink/downlink bandwidth options. It offers unmatched flexibility for variable uplink and downlink streaming bandwidths to suit any type of dedicated bandwidth requirement. This results in significant cost savings for the customer.

Available now, the update to the Quicklink Windows Live Software version 7.1 fully optimises the asymmetric streaming service that is available on the Thuraya network. Quicklink is proud to offer optimised, more efficient return audio profiles ideally suited to the asymmetric bandwidth options of Thuraya which results in superior audio quality whilst ensuring cost reduction.


Quicklink Windows Live

In line with our position as premier providers of the most comprehensive, fully integrated digital broadcast and media solutions, the Quicklink Windows Live solution offers the best in class. With full-motion, full frame interlaced broadcast video and audio which can be achieved over satellite and IP-based networks. With features such as automatic bandwidth detection and adjustment that will choose the best speed profile to suit the available network conditions, you can be sure of a dependent mobile broadcasting solution.

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