N24 uses Windows Live for world broadcasts

The key to a great story is being there when it happens. Being in the middle of the action and reporting live for your programme can seem a momentous task especially when you don’t know what’s going to happen next. “On the line” journalists have to be prepared to move and report where the action may take them and be the first to offer the “Breaking News” to their viewers.

One such company who is bringing us the news is N24. N24 is one of Germany’s leading news station reporting on the developments in politics, economics and society.

Before Quicklink, N24 was struggling to produce quality broadcasts and had trouble delivering footage especially from remote locations. Technical Operations Support Engineer Peter Dransfeld from N24 explains:

Our equipment beforehad a lower picture quality and the user interface of the software wasn’t so easy to use.”

Now N24 is using Quicklink to bring news to the world, using primarily the Windows live software,

We have two different ways we are using Quicklink. The first is together with BGAN. We have Inmarsat Explorer 700 and Laptops with the Windows Live software. And with a small camera package we can fly very fast to every location in the world. The second way we use Quicklink is for video journalists in Moscow and Rome. They have a small studio and we use Quicklink for interviews over a DSL connection.”

The Windows Live software is capable of producing superb picture quality over a wide range of network connections from 64K upwards, these include Sat Phones, Satellite DSL, SDL, ADSL WiFi, 3G/4G , ISDN, VSAT and Ka Band.

“From our studios in Moscow and Rome we were using about 1Mb. We use the windows live software together with a firewire camera. But for the future with HD we will use SDI cameras and the Blackmagic Ultrastudio SDI.”

But the ultimate key ingredient for every broadcaster and N24 is the simplicity of the software.

“Quicklink is easy to use and simple to understand for the journalist. In very urgent cases we can tell them on the phone, what they have to do, even if the journalist has never worked with the software. And on the same data rate we get a better picture quality compared to similar products.”

Download the Windows Live Brochure